12″ Strut Ball mount for 360 Cameras


Product Description

To get that enviable 360 shot, it is best to get the camera out away from the base. This mount is a perfect happy medium for people looking for some distance without going to a long pole mount. This mount is easy to remove and install, like all of our standard strut mounts, and yet holds your camera over 12 inches away from the strut. With our cushioned steel strap, this mount is very rigid even with the extra length.

Thread your GoPro Max case or Insta360 case directly onto the end of the 12″ by 1/2″ aluminum pole.

Included:  12″ ball mount with stainless stud and jam nut, Rock Steady strut base with cushioned steel strap.

Device Holders Sold Separately


  • All aluminum parts are built with stainless steel hardware
  • 12" extended mount for your Insta360, GoPro Max, or other 360 camera
  • Ability to get a 360 camera the extra distance forward of the win
  • Everything you need to attach this mount to your wing strut and secure your camera over 12″ away from your aircraft

Customer Reviews

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Peter Luckraft

Love the product, but at checkout I was so shocked to see the price of shipping to Australia! I actually read it thinking it was the product cost and the product together in the cost of the shipping and at checkout I hit the submit button before realising I just paid $600+ just for a mount to my door , will not be buying any more if this keeps up , find a better freight company

Hello Peter,

Thank you for taking the time to review our mounts. We are glad to hear that the mount is working great. We understand that international shipping is expensive and are currently working to introduce more economic options. In the mean time, if you ever need to reorder, reach out to us before purchasing and we can quote different options.

Thank you!