RS Slim GoPro Tie Down Mount


  • Sleek & Slim all metal design for GoPro & Garmin cameras.
  • Mount to any aircraft tie down ring.
  • Fasten to any ATV, UTV, cycle, or car frame.
  • 360 degree camera adjustability, plus full swing gopro adapter.
  • FAA friendly temporary.

Quality all metal construction with a low profile design for great Garmin or GoPro footage.

The GoPro Slim mounts are slimmed down to a basic GoPro adapter and base. Adjust your GoPro by rotating the aluminum adapter 360 degrees on a 1/4-20 threaded stud. Lock in place with the jamb nut using a 7/16″ wrench.

Quickly turn any tie down ring into a camera mount. The aluminum base uses a thumb screw with a hex drive head. The aluminum centering nut allows quick attachment to any tie down ring. The centering nut is tapered allowing a perfect fit.

It is recommended to use the GoPro safe metal case to eliminate the common problem of plastic cases and mounts breaking.