Rock Steady GoPro Ball Mount (No base)


  • Versatile and durable all metal ball mount for Garmin & GoPro style cameras.
  • Ball and socket design allowing virtually limitless camera adjustment.
  • The knuckle clamp attaches to any Rock Steady base allowing 360 degrees of adjustment.

GoPro Ball Mount

The Rock Steady Gopro style ball mount is the durable and versatile low profile design that you have been looking for. This quality all metal mount will not move, bend, or fail, unlike plastic mounts. The metal GoPro adapter is compatible with any GoPro style camera. This unique Gopro adapter allows more motion than any other Gopro adapter. The knuckle clamp attaches to any Rock Steady base. The ball and socket adjusts a full 360 degrees and then locks your camera into position with a clean hex drive screw, or by hand with an included T-handle screw. Buy multiple Rock Steady bases to add numerous quick change mounting locations at an affordable price. Compatible with All Gopro cameras, or any Go Pro style camera.